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Privacy notice for

Privacy Policy: About

Types of information I collect:

Information which is automatically collected:

When you browse:

Specific information about your visit can be collected when you browse websites. When you browse, can collect the following types of information about your visit, including:

  • Domain (for example,, if you are using a Comcast account) from which you accessed the Internet.

  • IP address (an IP or internet protocol address is a number that is automatically assigned to a device connected to the web).

  • Approximate geographic location based on the IP address of the user's local system.

  • Operating system (i.e., The software that directs a computer's basic functions, such as executing programs and managing storage) on the device that you are using.

  • Date and time of your visit.

  • Pages you visited.

  • Address of the website that connected you to (e.g.,,, or

  • Device type (i.e., desktop computer, tablet, or type of mobile device)

  • Screen resolution.

  • Information about the browser you used when visiting the site (e.g., browser language).

  • Geographic location.

  • Time spent on a page.

  • Scroll depth – The measure of how much of the web page you viewed.

  • User events (e.g., clicking a button). uses this information to measure the number of visitors to my site and its various sections and help make my website more useful to visitors.


Information which you may provide:

When you request information:

I collect information, including your email address or mobile phone number, to 1) reply to requests for scheduling appointments, and 2) answer any questions about the health of your pet.


When you apply for an appointment:

To establish care with me, I collect information such as your first and last name, your email address, and sometimes your responses to questions about your pet. I use this information to establish and maintain your pet's account in my Electronic Health Record's System.


On, I provide streamlined applications for appointments that allow you to apply for affordable veterinary health services in your home's comfort. When you request an appointment via this website, may temporarily collect personally identifiable information about you. is only authorized to maintain a record of your information to facilitate our communication and coordination of the appointment.


When sending you messages about your appointment: uses the email address (or mobile phone number) you provide me to send emails or Short Message Service (SMS) messages related to your pet's appointment. I may also use the phone number you provide to call you about your pet's appointment.


When calling about your appointment:

I use the phone number you provided to communicate important information about your appointment and your pet's health. Periodically, you may receive prerecorded phone calls or text messages to remind you about upcoming appointments for your pet. If you want to stop receiving notifications in the form of prerecorded phone calls or text messages, please contact me at 916-295-0607 and ask to be added to my "do not call list." After I update your account, I may still call you if there is an issue with your upcoming appointment or a severe health concern about your pet. Problems with your upcoming appointment may include:

  • A technical error occurred when you applied on — you probably saw an error message when completing your application — that prevented:

    • You from requesting the appointment, or

    • Your personal information (e.g., address) or main concern regarding the appointment is not in the request.

  • I need more information to verify or add to the information you entered on your application (e.g., pet's age or vaccination status). I sometimes do this when some information you provided doesn't match the information that I originally had in your pet's records.

  • I need to cancel the appointment or suggest a new date to reschedule the appointment.


When conducting surveys and improving services:

I sometimes use online surveys to collect opinions and feedback. You don't have to answer these questions. If you do answer these questions, do not include any personally identifiable information in your answers. I analyze and use the information from these surveys to improve the site's operation and content. The data collected in these surveys is available only to me and contractors who require this information to perform their duties.


When using third-party tools for website analytics:

I may use a variety of third-party web tools for web analytics. I use these tools to collect basic information about visits to This information helps me maintain the website by letting me: monitor the website's stability, measure traffic, optimize content, and may help make the site more useful to visitors.


How I protect your personal information:

I am committed to protecting consumer information entrusted with me at If you choose to share your personally identifiable information with me, I will store it in a record system designed to protect and retrieve data about you and your pet by using a personal identifier (name, email address, home mailing address, mobile phone number, etc.). I will safeguard the information you provide following the highest standards of practice for the protection of digital personal information., the website host of, publishes its privacy policy here:


For further information about the privacy policy, please contact me at

How long do I keep data and how it is accessed:

I will keep data collected via long enough to achieve the specified objective for which they were collected. Once our provider-client relationship has ended, your data will be retired and scheduled for destruction in four years.


I do not store information from cookies on systems. The persistent cookies used with third-party tools on can be stored on a user's local system and are set to expire at varying periods depending upon the cookie.

Children and privacy on

I believe in the importance of protecting the privacy of children online. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) governs information gathered online from or about children under the age of 13. The site is not intended to solicit information of any kind from children under age 13. If you believe that I have received information from a child under age 13, please contact me at

Links to other sites: may link to other sites (e.g., Social Media Sites). I offer these links to other websites solely for your convenience and education. When you follow a link to an external site, you are leaving and are subject to the external site's privacy and security policies.


I use Social Media Sites (listed below) to enhance information sharing with my clients and community and promote public participation and encourage collaboration with the veterinary healthcare community.


Please note that Social Media Sites are not my websites or applications; they are controlled or operated by the Social Media Site. 

I do not own, manage, or control these social media sites. I do not collect, maintain, or disseminate information posted by visitors to those Social Media Sites. If you choose to provide information to a Social Media Site through registration or other interaction with the site, then the use of any information you provide is controlled by your relationship with the Social Media site. For example, any information that you provide to register on Facebook is voluntarily contributed and is not maintained by this website's host or me. This information may be available to me, the Social Media Page Administrator, in whole or part, based on a user's privacy settings on the Social Media site. However, I will not use PII, if provided by you to a Social Media Site or other sites that require registration, for targeted advertising or retargeting. Although you may voluntarily contribute to a Social Media Site with the intent to share the information with others, to protect your privacy, please do not disclose personally identifiable information about yourself or others.


I do not keep separate records or accounting of Social Media Site users or their interaction with my pages on Social Media Sites. I do not store or share this information. Social Media Sites retain user information per the site's policies. See each Social Media Site's privacy policy to see how long user information is retained after an account has been deleted. Social Media Site users can learn more about how their information is used and maintained by each Social Media Site by visiting their privacy policy.

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